The Baltic States

Our congregations believe in not only meeting the needs of people locally but abroad as well. After the breakup of the former Soviet Union, many countries declared their independence. Thus, mission alliances were formed in our fellowship of churches to ensure the continued existence of a place where God's word would be preached. Toward this end, the Baltic Nordic Mission Alliance was formed. Our congregation was asked to help support these churches and we answered with a resounding, "YES!". Every year we raise thousands of dollars to help support the ministers and congregational needs in these countries. It is simply the love for the gospel that binds us and we have become very connected to those congregations. 

Bakersfield Church of Christ

At AV Reach we believe in making disciples of all nations. This includes our own. The Bakersfield Church of Christ is a small but thriving church that meets in the heat of Bakersfield. With a population approaching 400,00 people, the need for the god is growing exponentially. The Bako Church, as we affectionately call it, provides a spiritual oasis for people who realize their need for God. Led by Luke and Amanda Donatello, the church is built on families that love God, and they welcome everyone with open arm. Supporting a church like that is an honor for AV Reach members.