Leadership Teams

AV Reach has a unique multi-layered leadership team that work in harmony to ensure the overall spiritual health of our church. Using the Bible as our compass, we strive to create a church environment where people not only live, but thrive. We strive to create a God-centered fellowship that encourages people to love God and others.      

Leadership Counsel

The purpose of the Spiritual Leadership Counsel is to ensure the spiritual welfare of the church. We do this by shepherding (guiding & counseling) people, working with ministry staff to set the goals for the church, and providing support. Each couple is appointed to lead in specific spiritual areas of the church. The counsel meets regularly to discuss, plan, and meet the needs within the church.   

  • Dave and Jackie Owens

    Dave and Jackie are small business owners in the Antelope Valley. Having grown up here in the A.V., Dave is an avid Jethawks' fan. Jackie, a transplant from New York, has made her home in the A.V. for 25 years. She has also served as a field representative for Congressman Howard "Buck" McKeon. Dave and Jackie oversee our Chemical Recovery program, lead a small group, and serve as ministry shepherds. 

  • Greg and Maryann Williams

    Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Greg and Maryann have lived in the Antelope Valley for over 35 years. Greg, a former Tech Sargent for the U.S. Air Force, is currently a financial analyst for a national company. Maryann is a high school math teacher. They serve as small group leaders and ministry shepherds. 

  • Steve and Joan Giuliano

    Steve and Joan have been married for over 25 years and have two grown children. Steve, a former Staff Sargent in the U.S. Army, joined the family business as a meat cutter after his military service. Joan works as a purchasing assistant for a local clutch manufacturer. They have lived in the Antelope Valley for over 25 years and currently serve as small group leaders and ministry shepherds. 

  • Bruce and Hilda Macpherson

    Bruce and Hilda have been married for 25 years. Bruce is an Antelope Valley native and a partner in a mid-sized architectural firm. Hilda is a homemaker and originally from Chile. They have two children in college and spend much of their time serving in various ministry leadership positions. 

  • Gregg and Cathy Marutzky

    Gregg and Cathy moved to the Antelope Valley in 2015 after accepting the Lead Minister and Women's Ministry Leader positions. Gregg and Cathy have been ministers for over 35 years, serving in various ministries throughout the Mid and Southwestern United States. 

Elizabeth Meaney - Church Manager

As our church manager, Elizabeth coordinates and facilitates the day to day operations of the church. Her responsibilities include budget management, church events, and fund raising. Elizabeth has a master's degree in organizational management with an emphasis in non-profit organization. She and her husband have been married for over 25 years and have a daughter in college. 

Financial Board

Our financial board is responsible for overseeing the finances of the church. They do this by working with the ministry staff to establish the annual budget. They also review special projects and financial needs. Their goal is to be good stewards of what the church has been given. They strive to create a budget that reflects what we believe is important to God.

  • Gregg Marutzky

    Chairman - Non Voting

  • Frank Friedl


  • Roy Gibbons

    Vice President

  • Maryann Williams

    Chief Financial Officer 

  • Todd Ankeny

    Secretary - Non Voting

  • Bruce Macpherson

    SLC Liaison

  • Larry Ramirez 


  • Jordan Goines