Lead Minister and Woman's Ministry Leader

Dr. Gregg Marutzky - Lead Minister
Cathy Marutzky - Woman's Ministry Leader

Having met in high school, Gregg and Cathy married shortly after finishing college. They have been married for over 35 years and have raised two wonderful daughters who now have families of their own. Gregg holds master's degrees in divinity and clinical counseling, and a PhD. in ministry. Cathy holds a master's in educational counseling. Both Gregg and Cathy are board-certified counselors and have served as ministers for over 35 years. We feel blessed to have Gregg and Cathy serve as our lead ministry team.

Associate Lead Minsters 

Steve Hiddleson - Associate Lead Minister

Keri Hiddleson - Associate Lead Woman's Ministry Leader 

Steve and Keri met in the campus ministry in 1995. The been married for 25 years and have three wonderful daughters. They have served in the ministry for over 25 years. They have ministrered in Los Angeles, Kansas, Arazona and now in the Antelope Valley. 

Meet the Interns

  • Manny Perez

    Manny, along with his sister Angelina, lead the teen ministry. Manny is a Sociology major at Cal State Bakersfield. He has been a Christian for six years and loves to play guitar and work with teens. 

  • Angelina Perez 

    Angelina is a Liberal Studies major at CSU San Bernadino. She became a Christian in her junior year of high school. She loves to bake and hang out with friends. 

  • Brian and Jessica Kelly

    Brian and Jessica are campus ministry interns. They are both transplants from Florida. They are a great team and inspire our campus students.