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At AV Reach we believe the children are the future of God's church. Investing in them is investing in the future. From the cradle to young adulthood, we provide a place for children to not only live, but to thrive. Our ministries are designed to provide a safe place for kids to know God and be known by him. Through age appropriate Bible lessons, peer support, and mentoring, kids can experience growth and change at every age.

  • Teen Ministry: 9th to 12th grades

    This is the season in life when people go from childhood into adulthood. This is such an important age. It can dictate our future. Our teen ministry provides a peer environment for young adults to flourish into adulthood. With bi-monthly devotionals and mentoring, the ministry strives to normalize deep Godly convictions. The church participates in a summer camp for teens that is both inspiring and encouraging. We believe these young adults are the future of God's church and we believe in them tremendously.  

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  • Youth Ministry: 5th to 8th grades

    This ministry focuses on youth from 5th grade through 8th grade. We think of this time an an age of opportunity. This is a season in life when our children forsake their convictions for the approval of their peers. We focus on building and normalizing convictions in a fun environment. Groups meet bi-monthly in homes around the Antelope Valley. We have guided lessons along with times of fun. The kids go to a summer camp once a year and have the time of their life. If you want to learn more, contact us or come by on Sunday.

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  • REACH Kids: infant to 4th grade

    Our fun, secure, and God-centered children's program is designed to inspire children into a lifetime of loving God. Using the Sparks curriculum, we divide the children into groups by age. Each live-scanned teacher is extensively trained in our program. Led by Dr. Jordan and Tara Goines, our children's ministry has been designed to support family values and train a child in they way they should go. Proverbs 22:6

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